About Us

Welcome to Next Level Ragz, the store that you can depend on to supply great quality Durags and Bonnets. Our goal is to be the brand that comes to mind when talking about unique Durag & Bonnet designs.

Founded by young entrepreneur Kevin Jones, a junior in high school at the time had big dreams that he wanted to accomplish in his near future as well as to provide for his family back home in Jamaica. Due to still being a minor there wasn't much he could do except to work during holidays or in the evenings after school. He would always wear durags to tie down his hair when he played football or to prevent his braids from fizzing. He later got tired of having to wait week for his braids to be redone and despised seeing his hair in an ungroomed condition so he had his girlfriend cut his hair for fun and began his waving journey. Realizing that the available designs were too common or no longer desirable was hit with the idea of creating his own design. Having no idea of what the company name would be only knew that he wanted to create something that was Next Level. Also being deeply passionate about shoes decided to combine the two. After a few YouTube videos he decides to create his online store and within two months of learning, contacting manufactures and overcoming obstacles finally had his store. Now serving customers across the globe, Kevin is delighted and gives his thanks to God, his girlfriend, parents and all the customers who are happy with their purchases. A black owned company that is thriving and will continue to provide never seen before designs.  

Hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy designing them for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Yours truly,
Kevin Jones CEO & Owner of Next Level Ragz